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Founded in 1987 in Milan, Italy, Cross Finanz is an international investment banking and financial services firm, providing advice with a strategic focus on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, international strategic alliances and project financing to emerging middle-market companies.

Since its inception, Cross Finanz has been a leading financial advisor in European - Latin America private transactions.

With offices in Europe and Latin America we are positioned to provide locally based services and execute cross-border transactions.

The Cross Finanz team is comprised of seasoned professionals with a relevant track record in major international financial firms.

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Cross Finanz provides, M&A and Venture Capital services as well as arranges and advises on debt and equity financing.
Finance sources include traditional banking markets, project financing, export credit facilities, private placement and public issues on the international markets.

The company continues to play its role in assisting corporations and local authorities in some emerging markets, to finance specific projects and to take advantage of the actual trends towards private sector participation in joint developments (Public Private Partnerships).

Cross Finanz's agile and flexible structure enables to operate in several markets.

We are also successful in advising Latin America governmental agencies on specific projects. Advice is extended to bank and insurance restructuring, industry assessment, investment evaluation and privatisation strategy, mostly under the technical assistance umbrella.

After 27 years competing in the investment banking sector, Cross Finanz is characterized by its international focus and vision.

Currently Cross Finanz has an extensive international coverage providing a truly global service.

Correspondent offices and associates around the world:

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  • M&A, strategic alliances and joint ventures;
  • International expansion
  • Restructuring;
  • Project financing;
  • IPO and private placements;
  • Managment buy out and buy in;
  • Infrastructure
  • Privatization
  • Technology transfer agreements;

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Bruno Ferrari – (Italian)

Mr. Ferrari is a Managing Director with Cross Finanz and the Head of the firm’s Latin American operations. He has more than 35 years of experience as an investment banking advisor in Latin America and Europe having executed over 30 M&A transactions with value in excess of US$ 10 billion.

While with Cross Finanz, Mr. Ferrari has successfully advised global and European corporations in its landing in LATAM, regional mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and project finance. His experience covers a range of sectors including M&A of Banks and Insurance companies, Privatizations, Agro industry, Renewable Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Industrials.

Prior to Cross Finanz, Mr. Ferrari spent many years in banks all over the world such as Sanwa Bank Japan, the Investment Banking division of BCBA in Spain, USA, Brazil and Italy. He was also Advisor to the International Bank of Albania, Cross Finanz Bank of Cameroon and Mortgage Bank of Paraguay.

During his career, Mr. Ferrari was staff member at the Milan Investment Promotion Service of UNIDO (United Nations Development Organisation), concurrent to the Vienna, Zurich, Koln and Paris Offices.

Later on, Mr. Ferrari spent several years in Argentina as CEO of Banco BICE and Chairman of the Board of Banco NBCh. He also collaborated with the Ministry of Finance as Chief of Staff of the Privatization Unit; and Director of the World Bank programme to develop the National Capital Market.

Bruce Brandt – (US) Associate Partner

Mr. Brandt has over 30 years experience in structured / project finance, public finance and asset securitization. Mr. Brandt is also President of Americas International Capital Corp. (“AICC”), a firm that is dedicated to in international project finance. AICC advise and assist inthe development, structuring, negotiating, and financing of major capital infrastructure projects.

Mr. Brandt has an extensive career in the American banking industry: Bank of America: managing corporate relationships with international currency exposure for the New York office; Chase Manhattan Bank: Second Vice President/Senior Corporate Foreign Exchange Advisor; Security

Pacific National Bank: Vice President, responsible for business development, execution and follow through on transactions with Fortune 500 companies. Babcock & Brown Money Markets: Managing Director and Garvin GuyButler, Financial Products Group: Senior Vice President.

Mr. Brandt has global work experience in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, U.K., Argentina and Ecuador

Jose Ignacio Macias – (Spanish-Mexican) Associated Business Partner

Mr. Macias started his career as Senior Business Economic Consultant with KPMG Economic Services, Dallas, Texas. He then moved to
Mexico as Strategic Planning Manager of Multipack courier.

Later on he was hired by the Spanish SICE / ACS Group as New Business Development Director for Mexico. Prior to join Cross Finanz he was the
Business Development Director of ENIA a Spanish engineering company in the field of bio fuels.

Enrico Gizzi – (Italian) Associated Business Partner

Mr. Gizzi has an extensive career in the international trade finance industry. Prior to join Cross Finanz he was Head of the Japanese
Division with Contrade Merchant Bank. Later on Manager of Japan, Korea and Hong Kong operations of Cogis. Trading, an international commerce company owned by several Italian banks. Before his return to Italy he spent many years as Representative of Cross Finanz in Hungary, Poland and Rumania


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